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Our Story

Our Story

In October 2021, Singergie came to life.


Its founder, Lynne Jack, observed her own village struggling to emerge from the lockdowns—people yearning for connection, a sense of belonging, and a way to combat financial strain. Determined to create something special, Lynne opened a small choir in East Calder, right next to her home. She posted about it on the local Facebook page, and the response was overwhelming: requests poured in for both daytime and evening choirs. Thus, the one wee choir blossomed into two.


Lynne’s vision for Singergie was clear: inclusivity. Unlike commercial choirs with hefty fees, Singergie would be free for all. On that first Monday night, she set out 20 chairs, and astonishingly, 63 people showed up. The momentum grew rapidly.


Lynne shared videos of the choir on social media, and soon, enquiries flooded in from all corners of Scotland. Glasgow and Edinburgh welcomed new Singergie choirs, expanding the movement. Coaches Ali and Ellyn joined Lynne’s team, along with trustee Mike as an accompanist.

Within a year, Singergie had become an integral part of people’s lives. Choir members—some previously agoraphobic, others battling anxiety and depression—found solace and community. Astonishingly, some even reduced their reliance on medication and NHS services through the healing power of music.

Undeterred by her own busy life, Lynne tirelessly managed Singergie. She coached two choirs, handled administrative tasks, and ensured governance and policies were in place.

By February 2024, choirs 8 and 9 sprang up in Touch, Dunfermline, with nearly 100 attendees at the inaugural evening choir. The team now included Coach Maria, and guitarist Mairi.

Singergie wasn’t just a choir; it was a lifeline—a testament to Lynne’s unwavering dedication and the transformative impact of music.


At Singergie, our ethos is simple: everyone is welcome.

We have a lot of fun singing, learning new songs, making friends, and building a community.

Most importantly, Singergie remains free and accessible to everyone.

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